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Design, Testing, Validation and Support Services

FWT’s client support services offer a unique 4-Step Stage Gate design process when engaging and developing client solutions. From modelling, testing, validation, to on-site demonstration plants, every project is carefully tailored and optimized to meet project requirements and economic performance.

Start-Up, Commissioning and Performance Testing

All FWT projects are supported with trained, knowledgeable personnel supporting installation, startup and commissioning of our FO plants or mobile service operations. Resources, personnel and operational support are selected and matched based on application requirements and client needs.

On-Site FO System Operations

FWT works closely with FO system owner’s and client personnel in developing flexible, on-site operating agreements, matching client needs to required resources. Client agreements are site specific ensuring operations, safety protocols, operating objectives and water quality are met with success. FWT’s systems operate with low grade heat and slightly above ambient pressures allowing client site personnel to operate the systems without the use of certified engineers.

BOO and BOOT Agreements

FWT offers several client delivery models such as Build/Own/Operate (BOO) and Build/Own/Operate/Transfer (BOOT) where FO systems are designed and installed by FWT and after commissioning, operated by trained service personnel. BOO and BOOT agreements guarantee FO product quality & quantity, ensuring risk-free operations over agreement period.

Site Specific Operator Training and Refresher Courses

FWT delivers professional training programs used in developing the required skills needed to ensure FO performance. Whether new, retrofit or upgrade FO project, training starts at the design stage with FO fundamentals, progressing to advance training upon start-up and final commissioning. Training is conducted in class with hands on training performed on-site.

Remote Monitoring & Support

Long-term system performance is ensured with every FWT industrial FO system through remote monitoring capabilities, enabling assistance and support of on-site operators with experienced FWT personnel helping to diagnosis and resolve operating challenges quickly and effectively.

Lithium Brine Concentrating for DLE Testing

Clients interested in concentrating low level lithium-brines into high level lithium-brine feeds, use FWT’s in-house industrial FO systems to produce enhanced lithium-brine samples, for performance testing with DLE absorption or ion exchange materials. FWT’s in-house FO system can concentrate unconventional lithium brine sources up to 20X, improving operating economics and system performance.

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