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Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) are water treatment processes in which water is extracted from a waste or process stream, removing as much water as possible (MLD) or all of it, leaving only solids behind (ZLD). Water removal results in highly concentrated waste or process streams, reducing waste volumes for disposal and clean extracted water for reuse or discharge to the environment. The challenges with MLD/ZLD is the difficulty in treatment when there are numerous contaminants and compounds within the waste or process stream. When there is variability in flow and variability in contaminants, there is often variability in extraction which is why conventional treatment approaches use multiple unit operations in treatment, increasing CAPEX, OPEX and CO2 emissions.


The path for leading your company towards continuous performance optimization is clear: a robust system with a wide operating range. This requires wastewater discharge and brine management solutions that not only help you produce the desired results but do so in a cleaner way to meet the growing global demand for sustainable practices such as water reuse and CO2 emissions reduction. Forward Water understands these non-negotiables are crucial for your company and has developed MAX-FO™, the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) technology solution for clients wanting to shrink disposal costs, maximize recovery and meet environmental regulations. With a robust operating range, MAX-FO™ simplifies treatment operations by combining multiple treatment process into one, reducing CAPEX, OPEX while producing clean water for beneficial reuse or safe discharge back to the environment

  • Up to 45% less energy than conventional thermal evaporator

  • Up to 50% smaller footprint

  • Up to 95% water recovery

  • Concentrates up to 240,000 ppm

  • Operates in high fouling, high scaling environments

Advantages of

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