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Water and tailings management is essential in mine operations and can be especially challenging in remote locations. New and tighter discharge regulations have begun to challenge existing mines due to the limits of operating equipment and technologies, often necessitating the installation of new treatment plants or expansion of tailings and polishing ponds. Mobile and packaged systems specifically designed to meet the dynamics of mine operations and the variability of tailings water over the life of the mine will begin to face new challenges. Mining solutions are needed to minimize waste, maximize recovery, and prevent accidental pollution.


In dry regions where mining opportunities are rich, but water resources are poor, the economic and environmental costs grow exponentially due to transportation and desalination necessities. Forward Water’s MAX-FO™ brings ease to accommodating these challenges and will help clients increase in-plant water reuse, improve discharge quality, and reduce operating costs. Forward Water Technologies has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide unique solutions that increase water recovery and improve treatment processes to ensure effective tailings management.


Contact us today and we will perform an analysis tailored to your specific needs to find the perfect solution for you.

  • Robust operating range manages variability in tailing water

  • Up to 95% water recovery for better tail pond management

  • Up to 50% CO2 emissions reduction

  • Higher concentrating power

  • Up to 95% reducing disposal costs

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