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Forward Water Technologies (FWT) provides temporary and emergency response services with expert operating resources for clients with planned and unplanned wastewater events. Designed to treat the most challenging of wastewater applications needs, FWT’s industrial mobile systems deliver maximum water recovery up to 95%, waste concentrations up to 250,000 ppm and reduced waste volumes up to 95%, making FWT’s mobile treatment systems ideal when water reuse and waste concentration is of high importance. Utilizing a unique and robust treatment technology, based on industrial forward osmosis, conventional multi-treatment operations can in many cases be simplified into a single Mobile-FO system as FO can deliver the same results to that of combining high pressure RO and thermal evaporation together.

Mobile-FO systems can be rapidly deployed to site for use within in a wide range of applications needs such as Process Trials, Plant Upgrades, Plant Maintenance Outages, Temporary Compliance, Plant Startup & Commissioning and Equipment Breakdown.

FWT’s Mobile-FO units are pre-packaged systems within ISO containers allowing for maximum mobility and quick operational start-up. Designed with “Thermal-Flex”, the Mobile-FO systems can be operated as stand-alone or configured for use with low-grade heat and cooling inputs depending on client needs and available resources. System outputs are clean, reusable water and concentrated waste up to 240,000 ppm. Systems are installed on pads, gravel, or skids.

FWT combines technical know-how, years of industry experience, best in class operations and the highest safety standards to meet and exceed client expectations. We are committed to providing reliable mobile services in achieving client objectives, offering guarantees on quantity and quality of treated wastewater.

  • 35 m   /day per Mobile

  • Up to 95% water recovery

  • Process Guarantee

  • Smaller Footprint

  • Effluent & Safety Compliance

  • Flexible Contract Time

  • Simple Containerized Hookup



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