One of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century is abundant access to clean water for human consumption, agriculture and industry. Innovative technologies are needed to address this challenge.


Forward Water Technologies has developed a proprietary technology that permits the commercial scale up of forward osmosis, a rapidly evolving process with the potential to alleviate the global demand for fresh water and reduce waste water treatment and disposal

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Forward osmosis using our revolutionary “two-phase” draw solute that when dissolved in water as a salt can achieve osmotic pressures exceeding 210 bar (greater than saturated sodium chloride solutions).
Draw solute removal through application of mild heating which causes our draw solute to switch from its salt form to yield two volatile commodities including CO2. This step, which can even utilize abundant industrial waste heat, leaves behind fresh water product for reuse in operations.
Draw solute regeneration, which captures the two gases returning a concentrated draw solution to the forward osmosis unit permitting complete reagent recycling in a closed loop process.