Forward Water Technologies Inc. Concludes Agreement to use technology with GoldFinch Engineering

SARNIA, Ontario, Canada – Forward Water Technologies Inc. (FWT) is revolutionizing the remediation of wastewater by breaking the water-energy paradigm and recover water that is permanently lost today. Outside of North America, FWT is also addressing the increased industrialization in India, which is putting pressure on the environment and proper industrial wastewater treatment is a major concern.

To address this concern FWT has partnered with Goldfinch Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd., India to provide solutions to such complex industrial wastewaters. Goldfinch is pleased to have concluded a definitive agreement during the recent months to use FWT Forward Osmosis technologies as it demonstrates unique two-phase draw solute and recovery system which can be used along-with bio-mimetic FO membranes.

This agreement will give Goldfinch exclusive access to the FWT innovation and IP rights for India. Goldfinch will commercialize this process in India using their established market reach.

“With this partnership our commercialization plan involves a pilot plant fabricated in India by Goldfinch for on-site demonstration and data generation for scaling these results to many similar applications,” says Santosh Bhide, Director-Business Development of Goldfinch Engineering.We are very positive that we shall provide solutions to end users (Indian Industry) using this innovation which will benefit them in meeting environmental compliance at lower energy requirements and reduced costs."

“We use water every day; water for washing, water to drink, or water used for sanitation,” says Howie Honeyman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Forward Water Technologies (FWT). “At FWT we understand how to change the way industry handles wastewater - the kind used in the oil and gas industry that generally ends up being boiled, buried, or burned – and turn that into drinkable, clean, sustainable water.”

Goldfinch and FWT has also applied for participation in the India-Canada Collaborative R&D call to Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA), India and National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) respectively for long term demonstration of the technology.

For more information please contact:

C. Howie Honeyman

Chief Executive Officer and President, Forward Water Technologies Inc.


About GoldFinch Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd.

GOLDFINCH Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Goldfinch) is a turnkey solution provider in environmental engineering with focus on Industrial Wastewater Treatment having more than three decades of track record. A well-developed infrastructure, experienced multidisciplinary manpower, accreditations, certifications and wide range of offerings makes Goldfinch a one-stop solution for water and wastewater treatment. Over the years we have to credit hundreds of successful projects across India and also out of the country. Goldfinch serves a diverse customer base from Private and Government sectors and also different types of industries. Customer satisfaction is demonstrated through many key corporate accounts and repeat orders. Goldfinch is making conscious efforts to add value to its solutions by sourcing state-of-art technologies.

About Forward Water Technologies Inc.

Forward Water Technologies Inc., a GreenCentre Canada spin-off company, is revolutionizing fresh water production through an inexpensive, low-energy desalination and demineralization approach that uses switchable salt to purify water. This technology will allow for the economical treatment of highly saline and mineralized water that cannot be treated effectively today, including difficult-to-treat wastewater in the resource sector while providing a fresh-water stream that can be recycled into operations, leading to both a reduction in total water costs and environmental footprint.

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