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Forward Water Technologies (FWT) published in the WaterSolutions 2020 report.

Click below to view full report. FWT published on pages 50-51

Download PDF • 19.69MB

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WasteWater Asia

FWT's capabilities and successes published in WasteWater Asia. Page 45

Major wastewater treatment breakthrough

Compressing 400 litres of contaminated water into 20L in just a few hours at test scale with minimal energy usage and 380L of clean, reusable water. It might sound outrageous and perhaps impossible, b

Corporate Office:
2660 Speakman Drive Mississauga, ON L5K 2L1


Research and Development Engineering:
1086 Modeland Road, Sarnia, Ontario, N7S 6L2

Phone: (519) 333-5888

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