Forward Water Technologies featured by WE&RF LIFT Technology Scans

Forward Water Technologies will be featured by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation’s (WE&RF) Leaders in Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) Technology Scan Program, in order to garner interest in early technology adoption by water facilities. LIFT encourages early adoption of technology and offers an optimal platform for technology providers to present their emerging, pre-commercial, and newly commercialized technology to water utilities and others nationwide, including more than 350 municipal and industrial facility owners. LIFT Technology Scans screen for those innovative water technologies likely to have a positive impact. FWT’s technology information is posted on the LIFT Link website.

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Corporate Office:

80 Birmingham St., Suite C5

Toronto, Etobicoke, ON

M8V 3W6

Research and Development Engineering:
1086 Modeland Road, Sarnia, Ontario, N7S 6L2

Phone: (519) 333-5888

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